The Birth of the Bruçaj Eyewear Line

One day, I woke up and realized that it was time to finally start something of my own-something that would be fueled by both my experience and my passion. And in that moment-The Brucaj Eyewear line was born.

The Brucaj Eyewear line is deeply inspired by both my Albanian culture as well as timeless designs. I have always felt that eyewear should be a piece of accessory that defines a person's personal style rather than a trend. After all, YOU ARE WHAT YOU WEAR. It is my utmost hope that the beauty of my designs speaks to all seeking to express their own style. -J.B.


Butterfly Logo Inspiration

Product development and design are much like the metamorphosis cycle. The initial concept or idea is brought to life in its simplest form. It then undergoes several changes before it can become the best version of itself. Just like the butterfly, it starts it’s life cycle as a caterpillar—then undergoes many changes before it develops into a beautiful butterfly. As for my eyewear, my development process begins with an idea —based on inspiration. It then transitions into the concept/design phase where many changes and perfections are made. Finally, it morphs into the finalized product to end user. Overall, butterflies represent a spiritual rebirth and transformation— as does my eyewear line.

The Importance of Details & Quality

When purchasing sunglasses, the eye size is typically going to be the most important size for identifying how a pair of sunglasses would look on your face.

If these sizes are off, the frame will not sit correctly on your face. This is where I take most of my time perfecting every single detail of the frame.